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Justin + Mara became engaged on 12.18.19 in Sayulita, Mexico.

The Proposal Story

On top of a mountain, Justin Colsky dropped to his knee and proposed to the love of his life, Mara Lewis. The amazing pictures captured were the result of Justin sending a photographer up the mountain ahead to capture the special moment.


Luckily, Justin had hired an athletic photographer, because the hike up the mountain with all his camera gear was no small feat! Once the proposal started, it took Mara a few seconds to figure out that the photographer and his assistant weren't just creepy tourists taking pictures of them. The proposal was followed by a romantic, candlelit dinner on the beach and a private serenade from a mariachi band.


Mara and Justin had planned for a short engagement and booked their wedding for October 2020. But the universe had other plans.... The pandemic hit and the date was changed to May 2021, and then again, to November 6, 2021. They say the 3rd time is the charm! After lots of planning and replanning, we are THRILLED to finally be able to celebrate our love and commitment to one another with all of our family and friends!

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